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Web 1.0 Manifesto

You open a subscription with your dial-up internet service provider. They give you a phone number that your computer can dial, as well as a username and password to sign onto the internet.

Your ISP also gives you your very first e-mail address, as well as a website, with which you can do anything.

A personal page you can customize however you like -- so long as you're quick to catch onto HTML. Most sites look primitive, all kinds of flavors of ass.

Still better than everyone wearing the same shade of Facebook blue next to their declaration of their relationship status.

We live now in an age of social media monopolies and ~*bespoke Wordpress*~ webspace islands. Websites are completely corporate, and individuals have been herded into the corrals of those social media monopolies, fed a diet of adverts and milked for precious consumer info. But hey - it's worth it to have your name and face on your very own corporate page, indistinguishable from anyone else's but for your face wearing sunglasses in a 200x200 square.